Casmer “Pigeon” Ratkowiak is an A-320 First Officer for a major US airline and has 20 years of experience as a Marine including over eleven years flying the F/A-18 and T-45 and over six years in multiple staff assignments in aviation safety and aviation resource planning and as a ground forward air controller with an infantry battalion.  With valuable insight from his successful interviews at multiple major airlines and cargo, Casmer has helped hundreds with their applications and built a strong reputation in helping aviators from various  backgrounds including regional and major part 121, part 135, corporate, fractional and the multiple fixed wing and rotary wing communities of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Army.  He has been tracking the interview trends of major airlines and cargo since the 2004 timeframe and has been passionate in helping pilots navigate the airline career transition process since the 2008 timeframe.

Casmer is a graduate of the US Naval Academy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is married with two children.  He will do his utmost to help you build your brand and get you moving forward.

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