Charlie Venema is a 31 year airline pilot serving as a 737 Captain for a major US airline and was formerly the manager of pilot hiring for his company.  As a manager and recruiter, he reviewed thousands of resumes and applications, met face to face with hundreds of candidates at industry career fairs around the country, and was directly responsible for hiring nearly 1,000 mainline pilots.

He has been involved in pilot training for more than two decades and has been a classroom CRM facilitator, training program developer, simulator check airman on three fleets, and served as a line check airman. Charlie has time flying the 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 as well as the 787. He also served as the manager of the Human Factors program at his legacy airline.  Charlie prides himself on his ability to help his clients think differently, allowing them to present and represent themselves more accurately and with more meaning.

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