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United hired 1277 pilots in 2021, 460 of them are CheckedAndSet clients (36%)!
Of the 2020-2021 new hires at UPS, 24% are CheckedAndSet clients! Of the 2020-2021 new hires at FedEx, 42% are CheckedAndSet clients!
Delta welcomes new hires in 2021, 765 for the year, 284 are CheckedAndSet clients (37%)!

Resume Review

Your resume is your life experience, personality, and potential all rolled into one document. Is yours ready for a recruiter?

Application Review

Online applications can be confusing. Missing or misrepresented information can cause you to be overlooked. Is yours ready?

Additional Assurance

Need a little more time with us? 30 minute sessions available for existing clients.

Military Transition

Struggling on where to begin or where your focus should be to ensure the best chance of success?

How We Help

Checkedandset is ready to provide you with access to professional insight and advice on how to best represent yourself, your accomplishments, and your ambitions in this very competitive aviation marketplace. Founded by former major airline hiring manager Captain Charlie Venema, we have met hundreds of applicants in person and have reviewed thousands of resumes and applications. Our services are based on our experiences seeing good candidates fail due to their own errors, most of which were made simply because they didn’t know any better, or worse, didn’t think it mattered. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with industry experts today.

Military Pilots: Helping veterans from all branches and communities get HIRED!

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