Renée Farrar served as an Assistant Professor of English at the US Military Academy at West Point from 2014 to 2019. She is a published author, experienced instructor, and meticulous editor. A graduate of West Point and a US Army Major, she has over 12 years of leadership experience in the Army and five years in different capacities in higher education. She is a combat veteran, where she orchestrated field maintenance support for the 172 nd  Separate Infantry Brigade and 10th  Mountain Division across southern and central Iraq. She is highly trained in human resources and has over a decade’s worth of experience coaching individuals in college, program, and scholarship applications and interviews.

Renée comes from a family of pilots, with backgrounds ranging from general aviation to major-national captains. In the past, she has dedicated herself to helping Veterans pursue their career goals, spearheading base-wide programs to mentor and tutor Soldiers, qualifying them for reclassification in pursuit of both civilian and military professional goals. She is excited to continue this mission by helping pilots secure an interview with the airline of their choice. Renée focuses on coaching individuals, while providing an accessible and effective method of review and revision intended for continued product development. She firmly believes that resumes and applications that continue to evolve will continue to improve and be the ones that stand out to recruiters.


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