Shannon Sims has joined us from the Emerald Coast Application Review team where she reviewed and critiqued hundreds of pilot’s applications.  She has a very specialized expertise in helping pilots avoid common application pitfalls as well as helping them market themselves effectively.

Shannon has an extensive background in recruiting for both headhunting firms and corporations.  After graduating from Florida State University, she spent several years in the corporate recruiting sector.  It was not uncommon for her to review and screen hundreds of resumes per week.  She interviewed applicants best suited for the various positions and advised job applicants how to better market their capabilities.

Shannon continued to employ her abilities for recruiting and screening talent during her time with Maxim Systems, Inc. and Accenture Consulting.  She prepared numerous proposal efforts for several agencies within the U.S. Government, which involved reviewing, screening and recommending the best candidates for very specific government requirements.  Shannon has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and is married with two children.

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