Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

We sell confidence!  Each airline does things differently, and you don’t know what you don’t know until someone points it out and explains it to you.  Our approach is not only to get you to the right answer, but for you to understand WHY what you are doing is correct.  The biggest compliment our clients get in the interview is ‘your paperwork looks great, let’s talk about you’.

Of course not, but you run the risk of receiving potentially derailing questions about your document in the interview.  This could lead to an unsatisfactory result, delaying your start by months or years.  Seniority is king, and the sooner you make it to the finish line, the better your quality of life will be over your career.  Don’t waste time waiting to reapply for a technicality, our service is much cheaper than losing time at your dream airline.

We are specialists in applications for United, American, Southwest, FedEx, UPS, Delta, and all other airlineapps participating airlines.


No.  We have made the intentional decision to be experts in one area, paperwork!  This sole focus allows us to bring you the best product possible.

No. Our philosophy is that we can’t get the best idea of who you are and what you have done without talking to you about your career first. Many times, there are questions that simply cannot be effectively communicated via email. Conversations build relationships, and relationships build confidence!

No, there is no such thing as a guaranteed interview. We can only guarantee that your documents will be the best possible presentation of your life, work, and accomplishments as possible. The rest is up to each airline to decide when you will be selected.

YES! We have worked with thousands of pilots over the last nine years and are proud of their results. See our success stats here.

Timing of Review

We recommend having your application(s) and resume reviewed no later than when you meet the minimum hiring requirements for the airline(s) for which you are applying.  It is never too early to be ready for the next step.

Many airlines are now interviewing and hiring military pilots as far out as TWO years from date of availability! We recommend you have your applications ready and submitted no later than 12 months from your date of separation, and as early as two years.

Who are you and why are you different

We are the ONLY review service founded by a current line pilot who has also been the Sr. Manager of Pilot Hiring for a major US airline. This unique perspective allows us to bring a much more comprehensive approach to your review. We were the first to bring application reviews to the market and remain the industry leader in this segment.

We come from a wide variety of different backgrounds, both civilian and military.  All of us have an unwavering commitment to your success.  Meet the team here.

YES! All of us post our availability to the website, simply click to schedule an appointment, and then click on any of us to see our dates and times.

United and Delta do not allow a resume to be attached to their applications, but American, Southwest, FedEx and UPS require one to be included with the application. If you are applying to a company where the resume is required, or are attending a career fair, we highly recommend a resume review.

We now offer a variety of services. Depending on how many airlines you are targeting, which apps are complete, and what documents are required, we can do single app reviews, multi app reviews, resumes, or both in one of our combo packages. One of these will be a fit for your needs.  See our list of services here.

No. Call times can not be split, please purchase the single app review and add an additional review later for the other app(s).

We use Go-To-Meeting as our platform for reviews.  This allows us to conduct a one-on-one consultation using voice over internet as well as screen sharing during our call.  We will take notes on our end and send them to you at the end of the call.  Connecting to the meeting via a laptop or desktop is preferred and may be conducted on an iPad as well.  We recommend against connecting on a phone as the screen size is simply too small to be effective.

Yes. Every service includes a free one time recheck via email.

Call times vary by service, and depending on the complexity of the documents, may take a bit longer than the stated time. We do not charge for additional time unless the documents are in desperate need.

All appointments are self-scheduled, simply click on the Book Now button from our home page and follow the links.


United: Once you are logged in, just to the right of Save & Exit is a download icon.  Clicking this generates a PDF.

Delta and all other airlineapps companies: Click on My Job Targeting, and then click ‘review’. This opens the app in another window and this file can be saved as a PDF.

American and Southwest: After logging in, just to the right of your name on the summary page is a ‘print profile’ button.  This opens the app in another window and this file can be saved as a PDF.

FedEx: From the Review Tab, click ‘print my answers’. This opens the app in another window and this file can be saved as a PDF.

UPS: You will need to screenshot each page of the application, and then paste those images, one per slide, into a PowerPoint file.

Our pricing varies by service, and our list of services and pricing can be found here.

Our experts are bringing years of knowledge to the call and will be sharing that information with you. When we conduct a call with you, your counselor first reviews your documents before the call, and then again with you during the call. We also include a one-time follow up recheck, for a total of three looks at your documents. This level of attention and detail is time consuming and should not be rushed.

Reschedule/Cancel Policies:

Can I reschedule if I have a conflict?

Of course! We understand pilot life and how things can get derailed. There are no fees for a reschedule, we just request as much heads up notice as possible. To reschedule, simply click the ‘cancel/reschedule’ hyperlink in your booking confirmation and reschedule.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel?

Yes. We offer a refund, less $25 to cover our credit card expenses. To cancel, simply click the ‘cancel/reschedule’ hyperlink in your booking confirmation, and request the refund in the notes. Credit will be applied to your card, and can take up to 10 business days to appear.