Being an airline applicant is a little like going on a dream vacation.


For months or even years, you have researched destinations looking at how to get there, where to stay and what to do.  Countless hours have gone into looking for the best excursions and prices, ensuring that you have packed all that you will need for the journey and examining every detail.  On your day of departure, the kids are at the grandparents, the neighbor has been briefed on how to take care of the dog, and yes, even the stove is off.  And then you get to the airport; the line for security is around the corner and when you make it to the front, the machine suddenly needs to be recalibrated.  Your arrival at the gate finds the flight moved to a different gate, on the other side of the airport.  The upgrade you were hoping for goes to someone else, and when you finally strap into that center seat in coach the Captain announces a delay to add fuel for ‘destination weather’.  A good plan has been thwarted by uncontrollable circumstances.

As pilots, we would never consider strapping ourselves into an airplane without knowing exactly where we are going, what time we are going to be where, and how much gas we are going to have when we get there.  We have plan ‘B’ and sometimes C, D & E in our pocket and have given consideration to a host of influential items.  We are in control. Being a pilot applicant for an airline is difficult.  We have no control over the scoring systems at the airlines, no influence over our selection for an interview, and no idea of where we stand in the pecking order.  Alternate plans seem despicable and, as frustration sets in, attention to detail wanes.   Refocus.

You have control of your application, your resume, and how you prepare for the interview process.  The trip you are planning for this time will last a lifetime.  The process will be much easier knowing that you have chosen to prepare.