At we work with you to fully understand two important concepts; real estate and value. You have one page to make an impact, and what you choose to display needs to have value to the reader, which ultimately provides value to you in the interview. On the call, we will talk about how each airline you are targeting uses your document, and then take a deep dive into your content. Together we will come up with a plan for the revision, and you will be sent supporting documents after the call. The actual writing and redesign is done by the best subject matter expert on your career we can find, you! Selling your own work to the airline is critical, and by design, your work will become that opportunity. Follow up email consultation is included with the service.

We have seen thousands of pilot resumes, let us help you direct your efforts towards a value-added document.

When booking your appointment, be sure to include the most current resume as an attachment. PDF or .doc files are preferred.

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