United Airlines Pilot Application Review

Just a few of the clients we helped get hired at United. 

United Airlines

Looking for someone to assist you with your United Airlines pilot application review?   As the only team in the industry led by a former hiring manager of a major airline, we will show you exactly how to stand out and take control of your application process.

During your United pilot application review call with Checkedandset, we will review your application for much more than just content, format, spelling, and grammar. We host a guided one on one discussion designed to make sure that there are no surprises in your selection process.

We will help you present yourself in the best possible manner with your application geared towards what United is looking for.

Ready for Your United Airlines
Application Review? This is what to do...

Go to the bottom of this page to purchase your application review package. Due to demand, it is best to purchase now and reserve a space, even if you are not ready to schedule your session.

Check your email and follow the pre-appointment checklist. This immediately begins making things easier for you by removing some guess work and ensures you get the most out of your review session.

After you have completed the recommended checklist items, use your unique booking link to schedule a time that works best for you.

United Not Your First Or Only Choice? We’ve Got You Covered!

We have helped thousands of clients get hired at all of the major airlines by guiding them through our pilot application review process.  Our team is well versed in the unique application requirements and preferences of each the airlines.

So whether United is your first choice or second, we can guide you through a specific application review (and accompanying resume if needed) for each airline that you are applying with. 

If needing more than one pilot application reviewed, simply select  our Traditional Pilot Application Review Service below and we will review both applications with you on our call together. 

Are you Just Needing An Application Review For United?

Select the service below that works best for you.

Single Application Review

Great If United Is The Only Airline You Are Applying With
$ 279 30 Minutes
  • One on One Consultation
  • Review of 1 Application
  • Follow Up Email Review

Traditional Application Review

Best If You Are Applying With Other Airlines As Aswell
$ 399 60 Minutes
  • One on One Consultation
  • Review of 2 Applications
  • Follow Up Email Review
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Before we proceed…..

Do You Plan On Applying
To Any Of These Airlines?

Each of these airlines requires a resume for the hiring process. If applying with one these airlines, we highly recommend extending your call by adding a resume review so that your resume further compliments your application..

Would you like to add a resume review to our call?