When I first started my research for a consulting company to conduct an application review many colleagues mentioned Emerald Coast. I am glad they did because as I followed up with the recommendation I was able to discover the partnership between Emerald Coast and Checked and Set. As I looked over the process of the application review, I must admit I was initially impressed.

I decided to book my application review with Checked and Set! I then took this time to try and see available openings. I am happy to report that it was an easy process even with my busy airline schedule. I was able to schedule my application review with Wes Erickson.

What sets Checked and Set apart and what I loved about the process was the actual interaction via GoToMeeting. There was never any doubt as to the meaning behind any suggestions. It was great to have a virtual meeting to work out the kinks of my application.

Wes was great to work with. He was professional and truly wanted to see me succeed with my airline of choice. Wes broke down every section and every word with me. He was patient and willing to work with me to make sure I understand how his suggestions could improve my application.

As I go through my application now, after my notes from our meeting I can see how my application looks and sounds better because of the tips and advice from Wes. I am a happy customer and will gladly recommend any and all to seek out Checked and Set for services in the future.

Keep up the great work!


I met with Casmer last week for a 100% productive, professional, and efficient pilot application review. I had my application reviewed by 4 current airline pilots and Casmer not only caught a few errors still in my application but was also able to help me polish up the entire document in ways I would have never thought about. I would heartily recommend this service to anyone who is about to publish their airline application, it is money extremely well spent and will give you confidence going forward.


I was lucky enough to work with Charlie recently on my apps – his attention to detail and incredible knowledge of the recruitment process within this industry were both massively appreciated.  As I now publish my apps, I feel confident that I have done everything I could possibly do and can rest assured that the decision is now down to the employer.  Charlie went over and above the agreement with follow up questions and continued communications – money well spent.


My thanks to John Brennan for his thorough review of my FedEx and American applications.  I’ve worked with CheckedAndSet before, and every time it’s a great experience.  John caught some incorrect information on my documents and even found one error that was preventing my application from being “seen” by hiring algorithms.  Moreover, spending time with your knowledgeable counselors is more than fixing errors on an app, it’s about confidence.  John had recently returned from an industry fair and shared what he had learned with me.  Not only do I feel like my apps are up to speed, but I feel well informed and current on the state of airline hiring.


Thank you Checked and Set for the peace of mind that my application and resume are not on the list of things I need to worry about during my final months overseas on active duty. What I was guessing looked right versus the products I have now is dramatically different. More importantly, my confidence that they represent me as best as possible is well worth the investment in this highly effective and competent team. They will not waste your time or money.


Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Shannon Sims on the review of my airline apps and pilot credentials applications.  I provided Ms. Sims one application from each of the above platforms as per her instructions.  The day of our consultation we went over every little detail of my applications with her keen attention to detail.  She provided me with suggestions that strengthen my applications in a way that I hadn’t thought possible in order to best showcase and differentiate myself from other applicants.  Ms. Sims reviewing my applications was an awesome investment.  Anyone serious about making their applications shine will benefit from an application review from the folks at CheckedandSet.

O, Compass Airlines

I would highly recommend this service to anyone in the hunt for an airline job.  I spent an afternoon with Charlie going through my application line by line and his insight, recommendations and earnest caring for makes me truly confident that I am “checked and set”. He truly went above and beyond my expectations for my application review to ensure I was putting my best foot forward.

Orlando, USMC

“Checked and Set provides any excellent service that I believe is worth every penny. I used Wes to review my application. He was extremely helpful, very professional, and quick to respond to questions that I had. I felt he spent a lot of time reviewing my application and came prepared for the meeting and went to work on corrections right away. He really helped me find details I would have never have noticed and ultimately putting my best self forward to the major airlines. I highly recommend Wes and Checked and Set to anyone that is interested.”

S, Envoy Air Inc.

I just completed my second telephone call with ‘Checked and Set’ and feel compelled to provide a testimonial regarding my experience for others considering this service versus others that are available. I have served in the military for the previous 23 years and so my upcoming transition and preference for employment in the airline industry will be a very big change. Personally I believe there are many variations in etiquette and culture between the Army and commercial airline industry which necessitate leveraging the experience of the professionals at ‘Checked and Set.’ Based on strong reviews from trusted associates, I elected to use the ‘Checked and Set’ Application Review services. Each person who recommended ‘Checked and Set’ to me are presently employed in their airline of choice, which I consider a very strong indicator of performance. My personal experience with the ‘Checked and Set’ team was beyond exceptional. I was initially skittish about the online meeting format, but it was actually very simple and worked exceptionally well with my iPad enabling me to take screen shots of notes during my meeting. These guys turned up on time each time (one of my personal hot button issues) and were well prepared to offer many significant improvements to my applications. In short they are professional, experience, and well worth the money. I fully recommend this service and would offer the time to start is well prior to your 6 month availability date.

M, US Army

As a pilot retiring from the military, I foolishly thought I was more than prepared to handle the airline application process on my own.  I am surrounded by competent folks in all stages of the airline application/hiring process, I grew-up in an airline family, and I currently have a sibling actively flying for a legacy carrier!  What else does one need I thought!  My bubble was burst on initial contact with Charlie Venema and Casmer Ratkowiak at Checked and Set.  What initially appeared to be a
simple application process on the surface turned out to be more of a maze laden with subtle and hidden complexities.  It takes a trained eye to navigate this labyrinth and ensure your strengths are exploited while your weaknesses are minimized.  There is truly a science to properly polishing an airline resume and application for maximum effectiveness.  The Professionals at Checked and Set are well versed in this science, and I would submit obtaining their service was the best money I spent during my preparation phase.  End result was a CJO by my most desired company!


As a former military pilot, I didn’t know how the application process for the major airlines worked. Charlie and his staff provided a tremendous amount of information and insight into what the major airlines desire. Charlie helped me revamp my application to increase my chances of standing out. Charlie is an incredible resource and in my opinion, a must for former military pilots.


I wanted to personally thank checked and set for their professional service.  It was a real pleasure to work with them as my personnel counselor Wes was very helpful, courteous and professional.  He went straight to work, had reviewed the application before the appointment, and pointed out the biggest problems right away.  After that was completed, I added extra service in order for me to identify little mistakes that would make my application just perfect, which at the end turn out to be well done.  It was easy to work with them, as they constantly gave me feedback on the changes and corrections I was doing.  I would recommend their service to anyone interested in getting it done, I had only 5 days to work on this and it was definitively worth every penny.

G, Mesa Airlines

I selected CheckandSet based on the recommendation of Emerald Coast and I am so glad that I did.  I had no idea how much work was needed on my apps.  Now I see why so many people wonder for years why they don’t get the call.  Casmer was very efficient and detail oriented.  Because of his experience, he is fast and accurate and very conscious of making good use of the time you are paying for.  Highly recommended!

C, Mesa Airlines

Shannon Sims and John Brennan were outstanding!  Shannon got my resume tight and John my apps.  Both were true pro’s and I’m thankful I chose Checked and Set for the review.


What a pleasure it was working with Charlie. Not only does he have a broad knowledge of the application/hiring processes for each airline and a meticulous eye,  but he gives each applicant the utmost thoughtful, focused, personalized attention. He seems to have a genuine excitement (and talent) for digging deep into every line of an application in search of buds of colors that can/ought to be revealed, helping them to blossom to their maximum brilliance and display in the most accurate, professional, logical, manner.

-D, Compass Airlines

My sincere thanks to Wes Erickson for his time and rigor.  Wes has a process down that works and it’s obvious during the application review. My application had solid information, but Wes brought it all together to make it a coherent document that spoke beyond the sum of its parts.  On top of that, he followed up a few days later with answers to some fairly challenging questions raised by our review.  I’m just beginning the application process, but I’m way more confident now that I’ve had a professional’s counsel.

-Joe, USAF

My application review done by Wes Erickson at Checkedandset was well worth the time and money spent.  What I thought would be a typical 30 to 45 minute conversation covering basic grammar and did I fill out the right squares session, actually turned into a much more thorough and in-depth critique.  I found the time covering the entire document was well spent and comprehensive as it went well over the hour allotted.  It gave me the opportunity to better structure my delivery of who I am and what I can offer in ways I may not have thought about, and definitely did’t have in the application at the time.  I believe my application is much better prepared for airline viewing than it would have been had I simply done it alone.  I feel confident in submitting my application to United Airlines.  If this is your first big application like it was for me, I highly recommend this service from checkedandset.


Wes did a Delta app review with me and it exceeded my expectations.  He was extremely analytical and thorough.  It was the deep cleaning that my application needed.  Wes was patient with me and made his recommendations very easy to understand.  He was also timely in sending his final edits.  I would highly recommend him to any pilot (especially those with a regional airline background) who needs a fresh set of eyes on their app.  I feel much more confident about presenting my app when the time comes.  Five stars!

-L, PSA Airlines

”Charlie has done an innovative and phenomenal job reviewing and helping me polish my applications.  I thought I have thoroughly scrutinized them all these years with the help of friends and colleagues but he pointed out a host of significant items that needed to be taken off, modified or rephrased.  He has masterfully utilized the applications under GoToMeeting to make the whole process seamless and very user friendly for the client.  Everything went great and the manner in which he presented his recommendations were very intuitive. It felt like he was virtually and physically present while making the appropriate corrections on the copy of my applications.  You get what you pay for and his services are worth every penny.  I would recommend him to fellow aviators looking to improve their chances of getting hired.”

A.M., 121 Network Carrier

“I absolutely recommend Checkedandset and feel that their services are a necessity, especially for a transitioning military to civilian pilot like myself.  Casmer was extremely thorough and meticulous with my application review for FedEx, Delta, and SWA.  He went the extra mile in making sure that my final products were the best they could be.  Charlie did an outstanding job with my resume review and ensured through multiple revisions and extremely timely feedback that my resume was good to go.  Both Charlie and Casmer were very knowledgeable and after working with them I’m quite relieved that I used their professional services!”


Charlie was 100% EXCELLENT! I had numerous people look over my app and give me useful critiques and feedback prior to utilizing Checkedandset; Charlie still caught significant and minor corrections that no one else did. Charlie was also able to definitively answer questions that no one else was able to give me straight answers on; specifically what Certs and Ratings I should or should not check as well as why and why not to.  Charlie also gave me valuable information on what will and will not make me more competitive resulting in being able to focus my efforts appropriately.  I really appreciated the one on one teleconference while reviewing my apps, as I was able to quickly get answers to my questions.  This was money well spent, do not hesitate to use Checkedandset. I just recently submitted my apps, so I will caveat this review with the fact that I have not received any calls yet, but I am thoroughly confident that I have published solid applications.

Following up: I have now received calls from everyone that I applied to! It was so nice to know that my App was wired tight, and Checked and Set absolutely played a significant role in getting me my dream job. I would absolutely do Checked and Set again, and recommend them to anyone, especially military aviators.


I could not have been more satisfied with the application and resume review services that Shannon and the team at Checked and Set provided. I actually walked away after our meeting with my expectations far surpassed. Thank you. I’ll admit I had worked with another company (Cage) prior to hearing about Checked and Set, and I was somewhat disappointed in the level of service they provided, both in time and detail. I could not feel more differently about my experience with this team. I was blown away at the amount of time that we were able to spend reviewing my products, as well as the level of detail that was given to every section of the application, no matter how inconsequential it may have seemed to me before.

After our meeting together, I now know that I have put my best foot forward on my applications and resume. When it comes to the ultimate goal of obtaining your dream job, you can’t afford to do anything less. For anyone who is sitting on the fence, unsure if their applications need to be professionally reviewed, please consider this: If it gets you the job even just one day sooner, it’s already paid for itself.

I thank the thorough and professional team at Checked and Set for all of their help, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is considering their services

-Matt, USAF

I can’t say enough good things about the Shannon Sims Application review at Checked and Set. The meetings-to-go software they use is extremely useful. She goes through your application with you line-by-line allowing you to make corrections instantly. The detail that Shannon went into was well above my expectations. From spelling, word choice, to standardizing present to past tenses, she covered it all. Shannon spent nearly 2 hours scrubbing my app with me and never rushed. The peace of mind knowing I had a solid app was well worth the money. Shannon has my highest recommendation.


Charlie and his team have earned my implicit trust as I seek employment as a pilot in the airline industry. From my initial inquiry I have been treated as if I were their most important customer. Response time, feedback, and attention to detail were incredible.

I have utilized Checked and Set for application and resume review. I have zero doubt that my chances were improved dramatically by using Checked and Set.

Upon initial contact with Charlie I relayed some tight deadlines for my application submission. Charlie went above and beyond to ensure I was good to go well ahead of time. I had put a tremendous amount of energy into my applications and after meeting with Charlie there was a large amount of revision that changed a good application to an outstanding product that was error free.

Shannon took over for my resume review. My initial product paled in comparison to the final Checked and Set version. Everything from layout to content was revised to ensure I put my absolute best forward.

Checked and Set is an outstanding service with even more outstanding employees.

-Matt, USCG

I recently completed my application review with Charlie and Wes. I will admit that I was apprehensive about spending money to have my applications reviewed, but I can now say without a doubt it was money well spent. I thought my applications were in good shape, but after the review I only wish I would have done it sooner. They found things that never even crossed my mind and provided guidance in areas I was not sure about. They went above and beyond to answer all my questions. I would strongly recommend to anyone on the fence, to pull the trigger and have the review done.

J, Corporate Pilot

I can’t say enough great things about Charlie and the services he and his team provide.  I used Checked and Set for my resume review as well as my application review and I am extremely happy with the results.  Charlie was able to make both products look fantastic and I’m very confident that his hard work and suggestions will help me to get multiple interviews.  Thanks so much to the Checked and Set team!

-Mike, USAF

If someone had asked me a month ago, what I thought of my application, I would have said its perfect.  I reviewed it many times, furthermore, I had many friends,  including, some recruiters friends, with non of my targeted airlines look at my application, and all thought it was good to go.

Now having Checked and set, represented by Mr. John Brennan review my application. I was introduced to many mistakes, small and big, all the way down to the period placement.

Mr. John Brennan is an outstanding Consultant, Patient, Professional, with great knowledge of the Aviation industry.

Having my application reviewed by Checked and set is a smart move, and I consider it a must for anyone who is searching for an aviation job, However, I consider myself lucky that Mr. John Brennan reviewed my application, and shared with me some of his knowledge and experience.

Thank you for your guidance.

-S, Atlas Air

Wow!  I had high expectations coming in, but the crew at Checked and Set exceeded them.  Great questions, suggestions and options; examples of others; prompt and concise communications; amazing attention to detail… this is how customer service should be.   I told 3 other pilots within the first month of engaging them, and now I’m telling you: Use Checked and Set, and do it NOW.  You’ll be glad you did.

-Jeff, Alaska Regional Pilot

Highly recommend!  I spent nearly 2 months meticulously building my applications with numerous personal and peer reviews.  However, Charlie reviewed it and had some great recommendations on additions and deletions.  More importantly, it was personalized feedback and not just “canned” recommendations.  Based on his feedback and attention to detail, I know he went line by line through my applications.  Thanks.

-Brad, USAF

Thank you very much for your help on my resume and airline apps application. I thought originally since I had put so much time into it that it was going to be a quick and easy fix. I am extremely happy that you found the errors that I did not and spent as much time as you did helping me correct and perfect my application. I couldn’t recommend any higher your program at Checked and Set. It was a life saver and I just know that with this amount of help that I will be able to call one of the Legacy’s my career home in no time. I will be passing along your business card to everyone I know and they will find it to be as amazing as I found it.

-J, Regional Pilot

Thanks for the help getting my application squared away.  Eight days after the application review with you I received an interview invite from Delta.  I definitely would not have received the invite and at best would have received the “fix-it” email if you did not point out the errors and helped me correct them.  I have since received the CJO from Delta.  Again, thanks for all the help.


Checked and Set is a wonderful application review service! Working with Casmer was extremely helpful. He spent a great amount of time reviewing my application in detail and pointed out helpful items that I had not thought of.  He is knowledgeable and did a incredible job. Thanks to him, my application is much stronger.  I will recommend both Casmer and Checked and Set to all my friends and colleagues.  It would be a mistake for anyone not to use this service. Fantastic company! Thank you so much for all of your help!

B, Endeavor

I was just checking in to let you know the interview went great and I got the job!  I grew up not too far from Memphis and always wanted to be a FedEx pilot.  Just being around those folks reminded me why.

Thank you so much for all your help and consultation through this process!  It meant a lot to for someone like yourself to think my qualifications could get me where I wanted to be and to make those qualities come through on paper!  I have told everyone I know about your site with very high praise.

Thank you very much!

K, Corporate Pilot

I strongly recommend Charlie and his team to anyone who is serious about being an airline pilot.  As a retiring career military officer I had never written a resume, not to mention a resume tailored for the airline industry.  Charlie converted my military centric resume into a product I am proud to present to any perspective airline employer.  Case in point; I recently put it to the test at an airline meet and greet.   The HR pilot representative was truly impressed with the product.  Thank you Charlie! I can’t wait to use your services with my application.



“It was a phenomenal experience to work with the Checked and Set team for my application review, and I HIGHLY encourage anyone considering to utilize an application review service to seek their counsel.  Not only were all extremely responsive in answering my emails to basic questions before signing up for a consulting period, but (most important) the review that Shannon and Jeff provided of my application was absolutely thorough, meticulous, and logical.  Their conversation during our allotted timeframe was professional and even fun-filled, and the recommendations that they provided were “spot-on” in all regards.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the Checked and Set team, and I look forward to working with them even more so in the future!!!”

-Tim, USN

Checkandset.com is a fantastic company. The personal service by Charlie was very refreshing. I would recommend to anyone looking for job search assistance.

— J, SkyWest Airlines

Highly recommended. I’m retiring after 30 years in the Air Force, and while I know a bunch of Guard airline guys, I still found making the transition a bit daunting. Charlie’s help and insight were not only invaluable for building the resume, but also on the current airline hiring process; really put my mind at ease. Simply put, Checkandset is a must if you’re making the jump from military to airlines.


I am writing back to your company to say thanks! I had no idea the application was such a chore and anyone that has started the process understands that it is not something you can just whip together in a matter of a couple of hours. Even though I felt I had the 95% solution I was soon schooled on what I was missing. The service you provide is first class. The application is the first venue to introduce yourself to the airlines and I am very thankful that Checked and Set exists to ensure I am presenting myself with my best foot forward. I worked with John and he is a stellar knowledgeable individual. He went over my entire application for Delta and was able to spot many missing items and inconsistencies that my eyes were no longer seeing. The application as mentioned earlier is not an item folks can just throw together. John was able to catch things and offer sound advice on how to strengthen my application. From the actual content that needed to be in the application to the actual words I used, he did an incredible job explaining not only what would read better, but the why’s behind it. Having the online consulting tool really added to the experience. I would highly recommend checked and set for anyone putting together an application, and in all honesty I would say it would be foolish not to use such a powerful resource that is available to all. There are definitely techniques to make it sound and look the professional part and your consultants obviously know their stuff. Thanks again for offering such a valued tool for us on the outside doing our best to get in to the business. The time is coming soon to publish and when that day comes I will know I am sending out a quality product.


At first, I was hesitant to spend the money on an application review. I figured what I had was good enough however, I decided to go ahead and do it. Charlie found mistakes that I had never noticed and showed me how to make my application flow more smoothly. Really, a very small in investment in a rewarding future.

— Nick, ExpressJet

Thank you for your time and help with getting my resume to a professional and presentable level. You have helped me tell my story in a more interesting, and succinct way. I feel much more prepared going into my job fair meetings than before we met. I look forward to working with you in the future as I continue to prepare for airline interviews. Thanks again!

— Clark, Regional Airline Captain

I recently purchased the application review from Checked and Set, and was lucky to have been able to work with Charlie. Having already hired another agency to review my app, I was a little skeptical on the value of hiring Checked and Set to provide the same service. I was pleasantly surprised as Charlie found several things in my applications that needed a little improvement. I would not hesitate at all to hire this company again and will be recommending Checked and Set to anyone who is trying to advance their airline career. Thanks again Charlie!

— Mike, SkyWest Airlines

Charlie, thank you for your services! I spent a lot of time on my application and solicited your services to answer a few questions and make sure I was leaving no stone unturned. I feel that your experience, insight and recommended adjustments have ensured I am publishing the best application I can put forward. The level of detail, minor adjustments and changes made just make sense and are things that I never would have thought to do! Now it’s a waiting game for the interview invite, but I have the utmost confidence that I will get the call and that it will come sooner than later!


I was headed to a job fair with opportunities to speak with my two top-choice majors. I needed a resume that deftly outlined my shining achievements and, most importantly, steered the narrative to full affect during my precious few minutes with a recruiter. Charlie wasted no time breaking it down and guiding me to maximize the impact. Night and day difference. It is like the floodgates opened up on my “career story”. I am fired up to attend this job fair. Charlie shined the light on what I have to offer and helped me bring it out. Huge value! Thank you Charlie!

— Tim, Corporate Pilot

Seems like it was just a few weeks ago we were laughing at the abomination that was my UAL/DAL/Fedex app. Charlie, I passed my checks last week and start IOE on the MD11 this Friday. Still feeling grateful and wanted to let you know that you made a lifetime friend. I’ll keep sending potential candidates your way when they’re ready.

— A, PSA Airlines

I am a military pilot with no civilian flight experience and used both the resume and application review service. The resume review was great and Charlie shared an example and helped me to make mine presentable. He offered lots of techniques and standard industry practices, but emphasized that this was my resume and there wasn’t a set answer. I’m confident that my product stands out and represents my experiences. The application review was very beneficial. Charlie took the time and went line by line through my Delta and AA applications, finding both big and small errors. The second review he gives for free helped guarantee that I had the best product before publishing. I wouldn’t publish my applications before Charlie or his team reviews them. He found some incorrect assumptions that I made (military vs civilian language) that would have hurt my chances at getting an interview. Charlie offers a great service and I recommend both the resume and application review before handing out your resume and publishing your applications.

— Mike, USAF

20+ years of military job security kept me from really having to spit-shine my resume and application skills. Charlie’s patience and follow-up transitioned my applications and resume from good-to-airline ready. Having friends and co-workers review your resume is helpful, but there’s no substitute for broader industry insight. Come what may with my next career steps, Checkedandset was time and money well invested!


I have been working on my airline applications for the last four years, I have always tried to have them reviewed by many professionals including my peers who are seeking the same profession. A friend of mine recommended Charlie Venema from checked and set and I was definitely impressed with knowledge, professionalism and the eagerness to help me with the process. Charlie and I spent more than the time required to review my applications at no extra charge. I have learnt a lot about my applications and made many corrections that did not cross my mind to be incorrect. Charlie’s knowledge and experience of the application process is an eye opening and I would truly recommend him to anyone who is even slightly doubtful of his or her application. Thank you Charlie.

— A, Air Wisconsin

I’d like to recommend the Checked and Set airline application service. I recently used the service with great success and was hired by United Airlines, I believe as a direct result. I was initially skeptical of the service perhaps like many of you, but my opinions quickly changed. I sent in my application and they made sure to get me taken care of before my Networking event with United. Despite their busy schedule they made me a priority in light of my quick timeline. I worked with John who was a true professional. After a quick review I had my phone call review with John who pointed out a variety of errors on my application as well as advising me on the different word phrasing on some of the application areas. After a generous call lasting over the prescribed call time I felt very confident about my application. The team at Checked and Set were dedicated to working with me until I felt confident about the application. The efforts paid off as I was quickly interviewed and hired at UAL. I can’t say for sure that they were the directly responsible for my getting the job but I know it made me feel so much more confident about my chances. If you still don’t believe me then schedule a quick free intro phone call with Charlie from Checked and Set and see for yourself. I highly recommend them. Good Luck!


I had been wanting to purchase a professional application review package for quite some time but had been slow to pull the trigger due to costs as well as other financial obligations. After flying with a captain who had used Checked and Set and highly recommend them I decided to give it a shot. After setting up an appointment with Charlie, I can only say I wish I had done it much sooner! I thought I had a pretty solid application after spending hours editing, proof reading, and going through it with a fine tooth comb. I also had friends who were hired at majors proof read it as well. Charlie found numerous errors on my application that I and other proof readers did not catch. Not only did he catch errors he was able to provide direction on how to best represent yourself for the reader. Charlie’s instructions were clear and concise making the editing process a breeze. Charlie is extremely professional and personable, it is clear he truly cares about his clients and wants us to succeed in moving on. It is awesome to finally feel confident in your application. I could not recommend Charlie from Checked and Set enough! If anyone is on the fence or hesitant about paying for a professional application review service I can assure you it is money well spent. If nothing else it provides peace of mind knowing that you will not miss getting a call from a major airline due to some error or a poorly constructed application.

— S, Republic Airways

Casmer was extremely thorough on both application reviews. It was eye-opening how crucial the detail, style and strategy is, especially considering the fact that I have never had to fill out an application of this nature in the military, or really ever. The knowledge base of CheckedandSet is phenomenal. I got every dollar’s worth for the improvement in my applications as well as the confidence knowing that an expert has QC’d and improved my work. I’m grateful for this service.

— Noah, Military Pilot

When I started working on my airline applications, I had no idea about the depth of information that needed to go into it. After working with Casmer and Charlie, I learned how to have a competitive resume and application. They are so knowledgeable and have an incredible amount of experience in the field. I highly recommend using checkedandset.net to review your application and resume. Now, when I present my resume I feel confident in what’s written as well as in myself. Thank you for all of the help and advice!

— Taylor, Regional Pilot

There is a skill to filling out the pilot applications that I did not recognize until I worked with Charlie Venema at checkedandset.net. His years of experience at a major airline as a professional hiring person can’t be duplicated. I had reviewed my app countless times and had five of my most thorough friends and family members proofread it. I though my app was pretty tight, I was wrong. Charlie’s insider knowledge into what the airlines are looking for in a competitive application goes far beyond what a pilot would be expected to know. The changes Charlie recommended for my application took me the better part of two days to complete and it is clear that for the first time I now have an application that will maximize my score. I wish I had known about Charlie and checkedandset a year ago. The demand for his time is going to skyrocket.

— Bill, Cargo Carrier

Checked and Set helped me prepare the application for my dream job. I feel that I now have the possible chance for my application to get noticed. They are knowledgeable and professional. It is money well invested.

— Robin, Corporate Pilot

I have just finished an application prep with Charlie after using another company beforehand. Wanting a second opinion, I contacted Checked and Set and Charlie caught stuff that was missed from the prep I did a few years ago. I had a few infractions that needed explaining and am more confident in my application now than ever. Charlie explained the process to me better than anyone else ever has. I absolutely expect a call this year because I am confident that my application is the best it’s ever been.

— R, SkyWest

First off, I wanted to say thanks for all of your advice over the last 10 months. You and your company provide a fantastic service and I would not have gotten where I am today without your help. I’m convinced that my resumé, completed in your recommended format, snagged me several interviews (Southwest, Delta, Kalitta, SkyWest, Sun Country & Honeywell).

— Dave

Just want to say thank you to you and your staff for your help in getting my resume and application together. I just received a CJO from Delta Air Lines, and was complimented on the thoroughness of both my resume and application.

— J, Endeavor Air

Casmer reviewed my application, he was very thorough and professional. Given that this was the first time applying for a job outside of the military I was completely lost when it came to application specifics. I would highly recommend checkandset.net to anyone who is even considering applying for an airline job, it is the best money I have spent so far!

— Chris, USN

CheckedandSet was the best money I spent throughout the whole hiring process. The timely and professional advice on both my applications and resume was invaluable. Interview invitations came quickly after initial contact with Charlie (following months of crickets and fix-its before). Best of all was the enthusiasm and encouragement after the invites and the post-interview follow-ups. My only regret was not doing this BEFORE publishing initially. 2 apps and a resume, 2 invites, 2 CJOs

— Tim, USAF

Prior to having my application reviewed by Checkedandset, I did plenty of research to make sure that I selected the best application review service. Charlie reviewed my application for two carriers, and I was not let down. His attention to detail, awareness of how the application system works, and experience with hiring means that Charlie knows how to make your application stand out. He caught errors I had no idea were there, helped me use phraseology that made my strengths stand out, and gave me much insight on the hiring process. I was most amazed by how quick and prompt he was to respond to my questions along the way. I cannot imagine a better review of my applications. I will recommend Checkandset to all of my friends and colleagues that are looking to move on with their careers. I believe that the changes Charlie has made to my applications will make a significant difference in my chances of getting an interview. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Charlie’s phenomenal review of my applications, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

— P, Air Wisconsin

I had heard about the aviation application review services provided by “Checkedandset” many times before any of my applications were ready to be reviewed. I took my time researching few options that were out there when my applications were ready. Majority of my friends and fellow pilots recommended “Checkedandset” as the most professional and reliable service available. I personally think that having a perfect application is crucial in the current hiring environment, so I decided to sign up.
From the beginning, I was positively surprised with how quickly I received the initial response from Charlie Venema, the President of “Checkedandset”. I had a small change in schedule and he was very flexible in rescheduling my online appointment. He went above and beyond to accommodate me after hours in the late evening, after a long day of work. He took his time to go over one of my applications very thoroughly, and I was really impressed by his knowledge, attention to detail, as well as his patience. Charlie later on worked on my another application, and I can’t imagine better and more professional service. I still am in touch with Charlie when I have a question about any of my applications, and he always responds to emails and phone calls quickly with an accurate suggestion or resolution. I am impressed by how many details he can still remember about my application, and I am sure he deals with many clients.
I am very happy that I decided to use “Checkedandset” and I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a professional and reliable airline application review service.

— M, Compass

I had the pleasure of hiring Checkedandset for my resume review last month. My resume needed a total overhaul! Charlie worked with me and after following his suggestions, the resume was presentable. So presentable that I have already been asked to attend two interviews. I highly recommend the service and I look forward to working with them again!

— Mike, Emirates

When a friend first told me about the application review service through Checked and Set, I was skeptical. I thought my application probably had a couple small mistakes but nothing worth pending over $200 towards. Boy, was I wrong! After scheduling a Go to Meeting with John to review my application I quickly realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know. One mistake that was found prevented my application from even being seen by HR! You definitely owe it to yourself to make the investment. I only wish I would have done this sooner.

— G, Mesa Airlines

Booked an App review with checkedandset through Emerald Coast. Everything about the process was user friendly. They reviewed my United and American apps. Charlie gave great input into how to make the app read better and present yourself in a much better light. Before the meeting I thought my app was very well written, and I was surprised as to how small modifications can really change what the reader gets out of it. After I completed all the recommended changes Charlie went back and reviewed them one more time to make sure nothing was missed. I would highly recommend anyone that has airline apps out there to sign up for a session. Well worth the money.

— Sam, WVANG

Charlie and his team at checkedandset.net run a first-class service, a MUST HAVE before publishing your airline application. They genuinely care about helping you land your dream job. From the 10 minute introductory call to the application review, I found the one-on-one customer service experience exceptional. Charlie even mailed a personal “Thank You” note following my application review. Checkedandset.net was time and money well spent!

— M, Regional Pilot/USN

These guys are great! They come highly recommended from a trusted company, Emerald Coast Interview Consulting, and I echo that endorsement. Charlie and Casmer both took the time to fully review the app and meet with me. Even though I had reviewed it multiple times myself and had half a dozen other folks give it a thorough look-over, Checked and Set still caught some critical errors that others had overlooked. The app is now published, and I have peace of mind knowing it’s a solid product.

— Andy, USAF

Checked and Set is an invaluable resource! The attention to detail and thorough review that Charlie performed on my application shows how much he cares about providing the best results for his customers. The application review session was productive and informative, and left me with the confidence that I was truly submitting a polished product. I highly recommend using Checked and Set in preparation for all your airline applications.

— Liz, Corporate Pilot

You performed an application review for me, maybe 6 weeks ago. Since then, both of my top choices have called me for interviews. The suggestions you provided were invaluable. Easily one of the best investments of my life. I have already recommended you to my co-workers and will continue to do so. Thank you.

— L, USArmy

I can’t say enough about your resume and application review. The hour and a half for both was incredibly informative and eye opening. Sadly, I think that if I had talked with you ten years ago, I would be ten years senior at my target airline by now! Further, I find your expertise and insight incredibly invaluable and an absolute must when you are a pilot in this competitive industry. I have to say anyone who is looking for their dream job should seriously consider Charlie with Checkedandset.net. He will absolutely get your application and resume’ looking its best. I shopped all around for this type of service, and I’m extremely pleased I picked Charlie at Checkedandset.net.

— Chris, CommutAir

One word: RESULTS! I have highly qualified peers with thousands of hours and years of experience that haven’t received an interview invite. I now understand why–their applications simply under represent their achievements and/or over-emphasize their shortcomings. Checkedandset helped me better translate my application to job screeners at my dream company.
My Checkedandset counselor took the time to get to know me. He provided me the peace of mind to know my complex application is air tight and free of errors. WELL worth the investment.

— Trace, USAF

Application review with Charlie was an investment with tremendous return. Despite the inordinate amount of time spent on verifying hours, references, & education accuracy, there were simply areas Charlie knew would add value to prevent missing out on a lost opportunity. His unparalleled experience working first hand in the hiring process simply provides an insider perspective to best describe your background to those reviewing your application … put simply, he’s able to offer what’s important. The cost of this review provides more than insurance for presenting a healthy application, it provides peace of mind so you can focus more attention on maintenance vice corrections! I wholeheartedly endorse this service for any your target airlines, you won’t be disappointed!

— Jeff, USAF

Charlie at CheckedAndSet did a wonderful job helping me out in the process of polishing my airline application. His genuine insight and effort was much appreciated and he knows what he is doing. I would recommend his services to anyone who is unsure of what the airline that they dream of working at is looking for. Best of luck to him and everyone who uses his services!

— Steve, Corporate Pilot

I think that one of the most overlooked areas in the job hunting and interview process is with the application itself. After years of hearing nothing from my target airline, I signed up for Charlie’s application review service. I am not exaggerating a bit when I say that his service was the most valuable that I received during my entire job search. The feedback that Charlie gave me, including airline specific recommendations, were invaluable. So invaluable, in fact, that within a month of making the recommended changes and enhancements, I received an interview invite for my target airline! The guidance that Charlie gives you not only helps to get your application noticed, but it also ensures that when you show up to the interview you’ll have an airtight and professional application– a very important advantage.
Where I was really blown away with this service actually came after my interview invite. I must have emailed Charlie half a dozen questions, and every time I received extremely thorough and helpful guidance within (literally) minutes. Even on a weekend morning. Charlie will support you throughout the entire process, and he is a huge reason for my CJO. In my opinion, CheckedAndSet is the best investment you can make if you are in the market for a new airline job.

— B, Atlas Air

Shannon, I got the CJO! So excited and thank you again for all of you help. I really believe your expertise was instrumental in getting everything to move my way.

— Richard

Even though I previously scrubbed my FedEx app countless times while referencing other pilot friends “hired” apps to make everything read correctly, Ms. Shannon Sims found multiple, small details to improve my paperwork. The one-hour session was focused, structured and efficient. I appreciated her encouragement and overall positive vibe!

— C

Absolute best value I have hit upon. I found myself mired in resume hell and that cloud of uncertainty was fixed in no time with the checkedandset resume service. I was selected for an interview but was not at all confident in my resume. Within a few hours I was scheduled with Charlie. Unfortunately for me, my gotomeeting portal, which had always worked – failed. While not optimal, Charlie worked through it with me and guided me in the right direction. Charlie’s communication style and content totally connected with me and fired up my creative juices. In addition to a great consult, I was flabbergasted at how fast Charlie replied back in the follow up process. I now possess a resume I am excited about, looking forward to presenting, and I am absolutely confident I can best market myself. Totally kicking myself for not signing up earlier and using the full product.

— M, Contract Pilot

I was initially unsure if I needed a formal application review but after doing some research, realized I needed some help navigating the question set and ensuring I filled out my application correctly. Checkedandset came highly recommended and I chose to give them a try. Charlie spent over an hour with me for the initial review and subsequently did a second review to ensure all the updates were made correctly. His feedback was overwhelming and the advice I received was worth every penny of the service. The attention to detail was significant. I feel confident my app is solid now and have maximized my chances to make it to the next step.

— Chris, USAF

I was initially skeptical of the $250 price tag for an application review, but you have provided a ton of value, not only on the first cut (a big one), but more crucially by continuing to look at the revisions until we had ironed out all of the issues. In your description of the service, I think you ought to consider highlighting the follow ups you do that some of your competitors do not. Hindsight: $250 was a great value and I’ll be recommending you wholeheartedly.

— R, ANG

I was initially skeptical of the $250 price tag for an application review, but you have provided a ton of value, not only on the first cut (a big one), but more crucially by continuing to look at the revisions until we had ironed out all of the issues. In your description of the service, I think you ought to consider highlighting the follow ups you do that some of your competitors do not. Hindsight: $250 was a great value and I’ll be recommending you wholeheartedly.

— R, ANG

Checkedandset was well worth the money! The attention to detail was spot on, and peace of mind knowing I submitted a great application was a huge relief. I also did a resume review and I am very happy with the product I have to present at job fairs. What stood out was their willingness to work with you. They go back and forth making changes after your initial appointment, and I felt like they gave me the time I needed to have a great app and resume.

— S, USN

I can’t say enough good things about checkedandset.net. I hired checked and set because I knew that no matter how many times I proof read my application and resume, there would still be some typos or inconsistencies. What I did not expect was how Charlie fundamentally changed the way my application reads. He took it from a simple list of my professional duties, qualifications and accomplishments and turned it into a document that truly sells me as a professional aviator.

— A., USN

Checkedandset provided incredibly fast and flexible availability for both my resume review and my application review. Charlie and his team gave me exactly the kind of professional tailoring I needed to make my products stand out in an environment that I was completely unfamiliar with, being a military pilot. The daunting task of validating and describing my military history to the civilian world was made easy. Kudos to the whole team.

— Jeff

Charlie came highly recommended from several friends and needless to say, he did not disappoint! I appreciate his willingness to go to extra mile to be sure my resume was polished off and ready to go! I highly recommend Checkedandset.

— Kristina, USN

Resume review with Charlie is an absolute must! His experience in the 121 industry as a recruiter is unparalleled and something I wanted to leverage to take my resume to that next level! If you want to put your best foot forward, I heavily recommend his services as he knows exactly what the airline recruiters are looking for and he will help make your resume stand above the rest. Target UA, DL, AA.
Application review with Shannon is the best money spent and frankly should be listed as “mandatory” item as we prepare for that dream job interview. Shannon’s level of knowledge and meticulous eye gave me the confidence I needed to know I was putting forth the absolute best product to represent me as a potential first officer hire. If you are targeting UA or DL, the application review with Shannon is a no brainer as both airlines will note your quality application in deciding to extend an invitation to interview or not. Target UA, DL, AA

— Jay, USAF

Charlie at Checked and Set did an excellent job of reviewing both my application as well as resume. His comments were spot on and the end result has been that both documents are cleaner, more concise, and error free. I highly recommend Checked and Set!

— TJ, Contract Pilot

Checked and Set reviewed both my resume and application. The service is very easy to use and Charlie gives you a quick turn around when working on the fixes. Service overall helped tell a good story that will hopefully transfer into an interview. Very knowledgeable and has my highest recommendation. Do not hit send without using this service!

— Tim, USMC

Shannon, I just wanted to let you know that I interviewed at Delta last week and got a CJO!! Thank you for your time and comments on my application – there were zero questions from the panel about it during the interview! It felt great to go in confident about my paperwork, which I think really helped me relax and interview well. Thank you so much!

— C

Wanted to let you know that I was hired at southwest yesterday!!! So excited. Just wanted to again thank you Shannon for all your help with my application, could not have done it without your insight.

— J

I spent a lot of time combing over my applications. I had friends look over them multiple times. But even after all that prep, Charlie found some errors. Additionally, he was very helpful in helping me format what I was trying to convey in a way that was clear to the HR teams. With his help it is no longer a guessing game. Highly recommend, even if you have done your due diligence.


Overall excellent service. Completed final product with 48 hours. Excellent use of GoToMeeting which allows you to see and follow along. Shaped document for future interviews and allowed me to focus on my target airline. Great follow ups and we made quick progress to arrive at the finished product. Extremely knowledgeable across the entire industry as well as solid understanding of my background as a military aviator. Great price for the end product and experience. Highest recommendation.

— Tim, USMC

Checkedandset was a great experience. I’m a transitioning military pilot, and Charlie coached me through the process of creating my resume and my airline application. He was especially helpful in translating my military experience into what matters to a major airline. Thanks to Charlie, I feel much better prepared than when I started. Definitely worth the money!

— Aaron, USAF

The time spent working with Shannon on my application review was invaluable. It was obvious from the first moment of our hour-long session that she had taken the time to review every detail of my application and had already formulated changes and additions I had missed. I was astounded after implementing those changes or correcting errors how the tone and quality of my application increased. I had scrubbed my application countless times, but without the insight of a professional it was deficient. I was remiss to not have scheduled this review early and now recommend to all my friends and peers with applications on file to work with Checkedandset.

— Scott, USAF

Chances are, if you’re like me, you’re looking into Checkedandset because one of your buddies has recommended Charlie to you. If you don’t believe your buddy, the one that already has gotten an interview, than I’m not sure anything I’m going to say is going to convince you to make a small investment for your future but I’ll try! Charlie spent over an hour and a half with me going through my application, line by line, to maximize the way my paperwork presents myself. He knows the ins and outs of the hiring process and was the guy on the company side of the table and that insight is worth the price of his service in itself. I had substantially shorted myself in my presentation until Charlie walked me through how best to capture my unique experiences. After I made his recommended corrections I sent it back to him and he was right back to me within a day with final changes. Who knows whether I’ll get that golden ticket interview but I do know I’m in a much better position to do so now; my only regret is that I didn’t go with Checkedandset sooner!

— Ted, USAF

My time spent with Captain Venema proved to be invaluable. After one hour of review and making the recommended changes I am confident that I am submitting a vastly improved product which makes me more competitive. One of the very best professional investments I have ever made. Thank you, Charlie!

— D, Atlas Air

Thank you so much for helping me through this process of creating a professional and personal resume. I could not have asked for better service. You spent the better part of an hour on our on-line session (because I needed it!), and you were always very quick to respond to my follow-up emails after that. I’d recommend checkedandset.net to anyone preparing for a career transition. Thank you!

— James, USMC

Charlie did a fabulous job and exceeded my expectations. I checked my apps numerous times, but he still caught things that I had missed. I also was impressed by all his good ideas and recommendations that I never found in the online gouge. In my opinion the review was well worth the investment.

— Jason, ISR Pilot

I did my application review with Charlie from Checkedandset.net. After attending a hiring conference and talking to a major airline rep that seemed surprised that with my flight time and experience I haven’t gotten any bites yet. The airline rep’s last question to me was “Have you had anybody professionally go over your application?” That pretty much cinched it for me. I had not had anyone look at my application yet.
I contacted Charlie through ECIC. He responded right away and took time from his busy schedule to counsel me on our first meeting. This was basically what my expectations were of him and his of mine. We set up an appointment later in the week to go through my application.
The application review was amazing. Charlie had dissected my application with a scalpel and found all of the items that could’ve been holding me back. He also found some things that should’ve been re-worded to highlight my accomplishments. He even complimented me on how I phrased my educational achievements.
Truth be told this was money well spent. Charlie’s sense of humor is great and we both had some laughs over some of the more gross errors on my application. He was very constructive with his criticism, his time and attitude were greatly appreciated and he was very encouraging as well. I’m glad I did this and look forward to it paying dividends.

— Alex, Regional Airline Captain and Simulator Instructor

I interviewed with FedEx this past week. I passed and am now waiting for a class date. Thanks again for the resume review of a few months ago. I feel like the one that I submitted and took with me was very strong and I thank you for your suggestions.

— A, USN

Charlie at Checked and Set was recommended to me by a friend, who said the service was worth every bit of the effort. She was 100% correct. My application was reviewed meticulously and thoughtfully, with special considerations given to information on my chosen airlines and up to date information on application trends, etc. He was able to take my particular circumstances and experience and make them stand out in a way that I would have not thought of. Applications have a lot of room for gray and Charlie helped me sort through it all. Many thanks to Checked and Set for the guidance!


Mr. Venema of checkedandset was outstanding in his recommendations and improvements to my resume. I had a running resume that I would update periodically with new info as my life and career progressed. I was hesitant at first to try a resume reviewing consultation, but figured that it couldn’t hurt anything. I was shocked at how much insight and knowledge Charlie was able to offer me for my resume. Mr. Venema has a vast amount of experience from his own airline career as well as from the vast amounts of resumes he’s already reviewed. I was very pleased with the online consultation as well as the consistent and rapid email replies to my questions about how I should format, portray, and write my entire life on one page. I am very glad that I chose to use Checkedandset because now I can be confident that my resume is a strong portrait of my life’s work. Next step “pilot application review”, thanks Charlie.

— Brodie, USAF

Thank you so much for all your insight regarding my applications! There are MANY details I would not have known about, had you not spent time reviewing my applications. Clearly my package is much more competitive now that I’ve made the changes you pointed out.

— Scott, Mesa Airlines

“I’ve spent hours on my own trying to perfect my application for the major airlines. Checkedandset made the entire process much easier. Excellent attention to detail. Made me much more confident in my application. Time and money well spent. I only wished I went to Checkedandset sooner.”

— I, Horizon Air

I wanted to let you know that I was offered the job at United! I’m still waiting on a class date, but expecting one in the Fall. Thank you so much for helping me with my resume. I felt prepared and had confidence going into the interview with your help.

— A, ExpressJet

“I spent months with my pilot application posted to the majors and countless hours editing and improving it. I finally decided to get professional help and now I wished I’d done it months ago. CheckedAndSet knows exactly what to look for in a pilot application and nothing slips by their attention to detail. I’ve now got a Delta CJO and couldn’t be happier with the Application Review service of CheckedAndSet!”

— Will, USAF

“I spent countless hours working on my application over the past year and thought it was in pretty good shape. Shannon validated my hard work but also recommended many changes that I would not have otherwise considered. My time consulting with her was well-spent.”

— Michael, Trans States

My application review with Shannon at Checkedandset was invaluable. Having been out of the job hunting gig since … well … forever made it almost impossible for me to have a polished application. Shannon made sure that I had all my I’s dotted and t’s crossed. Any questions that were left unanswered after the review were addressed very quickly thereafter. The boost in confidence in knowing that your application has been professionally reviewed is well worth the price.

— Josh, USAF

After having numerous friends and a professional interview service critique my application, I decided it would be cheap insurance to have Charlie at CheckedAndSet review my application one final time.
I’m glad I did! Without question, his review was the most thorough. Additionally, his advice during our consultation was outstanding. He discovered several fundamental issues that the previous company missed, and he helped me turn what I thought might be a negative factor in my background into a positive story that sets me apart from the typical applicant. Money well spent, and I have been telling my co-workers that CheckedAndSet is THE place to use for application review.

— Sam, SkyWest

I am transitioning from the active duty Air Force to the civilian world. I signed up for interview preparation but I realized I needed to get the application to look good to even get to an interview with a major airline. I got the “fix it” email from a major airline and when I wasn’t sure what they wanted me to fix it for so I knew I needed help. I did the application review with Charlie and he picked up things I never would have thought of. He had excellent suggestions and knew exactly how airlineapps.com worked. We did our consultation on May 9th and, I kid you not, I got the invite to that major airline on May 16th! There is no way I would have gotten the invite with out Charlie’s help. I highly recommend doing this prep, its worth the money and some!

— Matthew, USAF

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your excellent service reviewing my airline applications. I had no idea the degree of thoroughness expected, and your professional and experienced eyes found all of my gaps and inconsistencies. I am grateful for your expertise, scrutinizing every box on my applications. Undoubtedly your service is worth it, and I let all my wanna-be airline pilot friends know it!

— Rebecca, SkyWest

I had heard how important the actual airline application was to the selection process. Shannon at checkedandset, after a thorough review of my application, helped take the confusion out of the process and guided thru to the creation of a professional looking application. If I did get that call, the last thing I wanted to worry about during the interview was, “did I miss something on my appp?” Thanks to Checekedandset I can put that worry aside.

— D, ExpressJet

“Absolutely outstanding service! Recommendations for corrections are extremely detailed, but more importantly Charlie and his team give you the perspective of those who will review your application giving you a better understanding of the process, and confidence moving forward in the process. On a five star scale, I would have to rate Checked and Set as a six with an extra start to represent the extra effort provided with their service!”

— Jim, US Army

After hours of scouring the internet and message boards I settled on checked and set and I can honestly say money well spent! Charlie will set you up for success. From inception to the finished product checked and set makes sure you are covered. Checked and set ensures that you are happy with your product by allowing you to work on it with them to perfection. Cannot say enough good things about Charlie and his team!

— Bubba T., US Army

After hours of scouring the internet and message boards I settled on checked and set and I can honestly say money well spent! Charlie will set you up for success. From inception to the finished product checked and set makes sure you are covered. Checked and set ensures that you are happy with your product by allowing you to work on it with them to perfection. Cannot say enough good things about Charlie and his team!

— Bubba T., US Army

I wanted to let you know that I had my interview this week and that it was a success!!! Eight folks were invited to interview, seven showed up, and four of us were told that we made it! It is super exciting and I feel like I just landed my dream job and found my “forever home” in aviation!
Your help with getting me finalized on my application and even your pep talk (telling me that I was going to have a great experience) just prior to going to meet the folks face-to-face at the Women in Aviation Conference really let me relax about those details and just be myself. I had such a great experience throughout the entire process, and I have told several folks about checkedandset.net so that they, too, can have the confidence that I did going forward.
It is certainly a good time to be a pilot, and a great time to offer services to help pilots get hired, so thank you for putting the icing on the cake for me!

— K, Atlas Air

My experience with Checked and Set was outstanding. I booked through ECIC, uploaded an app from Airline Apps, one from Pilot Credentials as well as my resume. Thankfully, they offer a wide variety of review times. I’m currently overseas, about 16hrs ahead of the states, and I didn’t have an issue finding a time that didn’t have me up at 3 a.m. A day after I scheduled my app review a conflict at work popped up and was able to reschedule for 5 days earlier with 0 issues from Checked and Set staff. On the day of the interview I logged into the emailed link and we were off. Once logged in I was able to see Charlie make immediate recommendatins to my apps (through his screen sharing) and I followed along w/the copy I printed out. Even with some of the more nuanced items, Charlie would show me exactly what section to utilize to make changes. It was a top notch experience, and being able to see him highlight the sections of my app was awesome. (Lastly, it’s audio to audio, not video to video. So if your wife convinces you to dress up so you look the part…it’s not necessary…)
If you’re not experienced w/the hiring process or already have a friend that does this for a living, I highly recommend Checked and Set.

— 121 Hopeful

Mr. Venema’s experience with major airlines is evident in his results-focused approach to preparing an airline application. Checkedandset far exceeded expectations, providing a detailed review of applications through the lens of the ‘airline interviewer’ with emphasis on consistency, accuracy and presentation. It is such a relief to have high confidence that the paperwork is tight before clicking send!

— Birdie, USAF

When my wife suggested doing your application review, I reluctantly thought, this will be a waste of time. What could possibly be wrong? Then, when you started dissecting it in front of me, I realized how pathetic it looked. This made me realize how poorly I was presenting myself to a potential employer. We definitely recommend your product to anyone seeking an airline job, or any professional job for that matter. Can’t wait to put my resume on your surgical table! Kevin, Corporate Pilot

— Kevin, Corporate Pilot

Thanks again for all the hard work and attention you and your team gave my applications. They are a world away from where they started and the insights you gave were invaluable. I have an extreme faith now that the applications are strong and flawless. It is one less piece of the airline hiring puzzle I have to wonder about. The ‘Checkedandset’ process was very easy and straightforward and I have already recommended it to many of my squadron mates.

— Casey, USAF

Just wanted to pass along to you, that I got a pretty awesome phone call this morning, and officially got offered the job! Everything went really well in Denver last week, and I couldn’t be more excited right now! Thanks again for everything!

— Chris, Trans States Airlines

I would like to highly recommend the services of Charlie and Checkedandset.net. Charlie’s attention to detail was obvious from our first interaction and his corrections and suggestions during the application review were hugely valuable. The changes suggested are items that I never would have considered without this service. Although seemingly minor in my eyes, after speaking with Charlie, I saw the significance of the corrections and am very happy with the changes made to my applications. I am now confident that my applications are complete and correct and I have Charlie to thank for that.

— I, International Airline Pilot

I am a retiring Marine aviator who recently used Checkedandset’s airline application and resume review services. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Venema’s vast hiring experience in the airline industry and his ability to use it to improve my application and resume. The attention to detail that he showed in reviewing my application and resume before our conference immediately earned him my professional trust and confidence. He was thoroughly prepared and able to clearly answer a broad range of questions that I had regarding airline application details and the hiring process. I found his services invaluable, worth every penny, and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in optimizing the accuracy and content of their application or resume.

— John, USMC

I was referred to Charlie by my friend and fellow coworker. I initially contacted him to review my application. He was so helpful on not only thoroughly going over the fine details of it, but on helping me to expand on the explanations of my duties for my employment history. I was so impressed with his services that I decided to sign up for the Job Fair/Meet and Greet Preparation and the Resume Review services. He was so kind to squeeze me in on his very busy schedule for the resume review, as all of the time slots had been taken before I was to attend the WAI conference. Thank you so much Charlie.

— Jeannie, Republic Airlines

I spoke with Charlie from checkedandset.net to look at my application when I was applying to my potential “forever home” airline. He really took his time prior to the meeting to look through every detail of the application and caught some errors that needed attention. He also helped to explain some of the nuances that I was unfamiliar with in the airline application process. His care and attention to detail were instrumental in making sure that I put my best product out there and just a few weeks later, I am happy to say that I have the interview of my dreams scheduled! Thanks so much for everything, Charlie!

— K, Atlas Air

I was extremely impressed by the services offered by Checkedandset and recommend it be the first place people stop when starting the airline application process. You can network and go to job fairs but if your applications are incorrect it’s going to be hard to get a call. I’ve had my apps incorrect for over a decade and now feel comfortable that things are in order. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

— Jacob, Atlas Air

I have a conditional job offer from United. I know you deal with countless pilot applicants but I wanted to give you a sincere thanks for helping me get to this point. I know the service you offer allowed me the best opportunity of getting to this position. Blue skies and tailwinds and best of luck as you continue to help others chase this dream.

— Chris, USAF

I want to thank both you and Shannon for your outstanding help with my resume, job fair prep, and online application consulting. My resume is a 180 from what I started with and I now I have confidence when sending it out. I personally had a DAL captain compliment my resume at the WIA conference in Nashville! As far as job fair prep- spot on and helped ease the “fear of the unknown” aspect of an event that was unfamiliar to me. Finally, I can’t say enough about Shannon and her ability to fine tune my online applications with such efficiency. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. My attention to detail is lacking a little and Shannon’s is certainly not. I feel confident that my apps are where they should be. Thanks again- now I’m just crossing my fingers for a phone call.

— Andy, USAF

I just wanted to follow up and tell you that the United Interview went well and I was offered a position. I am beyond excited and really wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help and assistance. I could go on but I will sum it up by saying that what you do and offer is simply world class. I felt like my resume went from just ok to something that I felt was above and beyond. I will absolutely be referring your services to anyone headed to any sort of interview or in need of any sort of resume update. I wish you all the best and wanted to just follow up and say thanks…you made the difference!


Charlie went above and beyond assisting me with my resume and application. His attention to detail was incredible as we went through every item line by line. He made numerous corrections to the application, and simplified areas on the resume to streamline the overall appearance. I feel truly confident at this point walking into an interview with a professionally edited resume and application. It’s defiantly worth the money and time to have your package professionally edited considering the years of sacrifice, expense and efforts that you have put into your aviation career.

— Reid, USN

If you don’t think you need your application reviewed you’re wrong! Charlie pointed out things that I would of never considered changing/tweaking even after countless hours of scrutiny. I made several revisions and sent each one to Charlie. I got valuable feedback each time; it was evident that he was putting in considerable effort into helping me make it as close to perfect as it could be. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

— Ryan, USN

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with Shannon. The service itself was done via a webinar app which allowed her to share her screen with me as we went through each application line by line. She seemed to completely understand where I was coming from. In addition to a thorough check for discrepancies, Shannon provided perspective on what hiring teams would like to see. I was surprised that I hadn’t considered their perspective. She also pointed out areas in airlineapps.com, that I would want to make sure to keep updated so that I stayed on the radar. Moreover, she gave me tips on some mistakes that I had made on my resume. I felt like I had gotten more than what I paid for. She made herself available for additional pilotcredentials apps and any questions I may have going forward. Overall I was very pleased with the experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

— Joe, USN

Many thanks to Shannon for providing a great application review! She was very meticulous in reviewing every little detail on my application. It’s clear that she is familiar with the kinds of errors and omissions that most of us simply overlook. I have absolutely no doubt that my application is in perfect order for the moment that the airline pulls it for review! That peace of mind is priceless.

— John G., USAF

Worth the money! I was on the fence about the application review package but in hindsight the personable advice, attention to detail, and ability to answer my questions was very helpful and absolutely worth it. I highly recommend it prior to posting your application.

— Tim, Military Pilot

I would like to thank Charlie and checkedandset.net. I used the application review service and was extremely impressed with the entire process. Their website made it very easy to register and schedule a service at a time that worked for me. The application review using the online meeting software made following along with the review process easy. Charlie’s attention to detail and suggestions to highlight my strengths greatly improved my application. My only regret is I didn’t contact him sooner. I can’t recommend Charlie enough. Shortly after my application review, I received an interview invitation from my dream airline.

— Matt, SkyWest

I had two meetings today with Charlie Venema and they were solid! Charlie can find the smallest on needles in the haystack and puts forth time/effort, to the point as if it was his own resume and application.

— Brett, USN

The folks at Checkedandset.net were more than worth the money. My resume was looked over meticulously to make sure that it was as close to perfect as it could be and I felt like my resume is much stronger than I could have ever made it. I would recommend Checkedandset.net and their services to any of my colleagues without hesitation.

— Dave M., USAF

I can’t believe it! I got the job! I can’t thank you enough for all your help!!! Woohooo!

— Mike, SkyWest Airlines

You provided a valuable service to me before I submitted my airline applications and I am forever grateful. Shannon found errors and inconsistencies in my applications that both my friends and I, even after close scrutiny, did not originally find. You also gave great advice on how to translate and sell some of my military competencies into civilian speak. Thank you for assisting my family and I on our transition from military service!

— Mark, United States Navy

Charlie and I went over my application for about an hour – he brought up many great insights and perspective that I had not considered. Well worth the investment to ensure my information tells the best story possible. Thank you for the professional session and insider tips!

— Ken, USMC

The recommendation I received to use your service was greatly justified. I will be recommending your company to anyone who is looking to have their application reviewed.

— Bob, SkyWest Airlines

This past summer I felt fairly confident going into the OBAP conference. I spent several hours working on a resume that passed the inspection of many friends and colleagues. Since then I’ve had the good fortune of working with Captain Venema who opened my eyes to what a resume should REALLY look like. His professionalism and expertise cannot be over emphasized. He makes the process of highlighting the most important details with the correct verbiage a nearly black and white event. His ability to quickly comb through applications and point out even minor errors specific to each airline blew me away. Charlie is one of the most sincere business professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Just wish I had contacted him sooner!

— David, US Army

I sat on the idea of having my application reviewed for quite a long time, and the only thing I regret is how long I waited! The service Charlie provided for my application review was extremely detailed, and his level of communication throughout the entire process was impressive. Charlie has the experience necessary to thoroughly evaluate your application, and gives you the tools you need to begin the revision process. I was under the impression that the application was simply data, and therefore there was very little that could be changed. Wrong! Don’t risk losing the opportunity of a lifetime due to even small errors on your application, don’t let your dream job slip through your fingers. Have Charlie comb through your application and find the errors that could keep an employer from giving you the call you have been waiting for. You wouldn’t go to an interview without getting professional interview preparation, so if you are serious about getting an interview, let Charlie help get your application ready for prime time! I give Charlie my highest recommendation. The peace of mind you will have knowing that when your airline of choice pulls your application, that the information it contains is bulletproof!

— Michael, Regional Airline Captain

I wanted to touch base with you one more time. I interviewed in April and received a CJO with Delta. Delta HR rep in my interview panel complimented me on my application and commented that it was obvious I had spent a lot of time on it. Thanks again for the help.

— Richard, Endeavor Air

Just wanted to let you know that I was just offered a job at United! I interviewed last week and just got the call a few minutes ago. I was told to expect a September class date. I’m beyond thrilled and can’t wait to get started! Thank you so much for all your help with the resume and application. I felt really confident about all of it and I feel that it played a role in me being successful. Thanks again Charlie!

— Michael, SkyWest

I utilized the resume service from Checkedandset.net, and the assistance I received from Captain Venema far exceeded my expectations. I initially thought my old resume looked pretty good, especially after comparing them to a few other pilot’s resumes. After consulting with Captain Venema, I quickly realized that I had a lot of work to do to get my resume overhauled, and ready for prime time. His expertise, encouragement, and expeditious response throughout the process was exemplary. My new resume now includes language that truly sells my assets and skills, and makes me more marketable. Having such a solid resume makes it much easier to talk to a recruiter at the job fairs, and provides a great starting point for the conversation to flourish. I am so happy with how professional my new resume looks, I am actually embarrassed I ever handed my old resume to an airline recruiter. Thank you for the excellent service you provide!

— Mike, SkyWest

Shortly after utilizing your service, I got the call from Delta – my #1 choice. Since then I’ve referred three of my good friends who have all booked a consult with you. In fact, I just got off the phone with one of them who just recently finished his consult, and he was ecstatic with the results he believed your direction would produce. Any more of my friends that are out there in the hunt, I’m sending your way. Thank you very much!


When I initially purchased the Pilot Application Review, I knew very little about Checkedandset.net. Then I received confirmation of my scheduled appointment and was pleasantly surprised to see that the consultation was with Mr. Venema. Given his knowledge and expertise of airline recruiting, Mr. Venema was able to fine tune my applications to ensure all of the information was clear, concise, and capable of standing out among all of the other applicants. I was very impressed with how he continued to follow-up with the changes I made on my applications until everything was perfect, as if it were his own. His customer service is second to none, and I highly recommend the services provided by Mr. Venema.

— Tim, ExpressJet

I was very impressed with the attention to detail Mr. Venema put into helping me with my resume. I thought my resume looked pretty good before, but Mr. Venema showed me how to really highlight important experiences and qualifications in a way to really get the attention of anyone who reads it. It’s amazing how much better it looks. I was very happy with the service I received during our meeting. I was even more impressed with how much feedback he was willing to give leading up to the meeting as well as his willingness to provide follow-up support after the meeting. I feel that Mr. Venema truly wants his clients to succeed and I am planning to use the Application Review service as well.

— Michael, SkyWest

I contacted Charlie about reviewing my resume and my application (both on pilot credentials and airline apps). I had already spent several hours on both and thought I had created a good product, but being a military guy I hadn’t created a resume in several years. Charlie spent several hours looking over both and had recommendations based on what he knew different airlines liked to see. For those of you that are on the fence about spending the money on such a service, I strongly recommend it to you. This is chance to invest in yourself and I think you will increase your chances on getting an interview. I am still in the military but after working with Charlie, I have a great resume and application that will pay dividends when I transition to the civilian sector.

— Rob, USAF

I can offer my highest recommendation for Checkedandset.net. The above-and-beyond service Captain Venema provides was apparent from the moment I requested a general consultation. I set up a resume review soon after. The attention to detail and time he dedicated to my document really exceeded my expectations! I can now deliver a resume that I’m truly proud of and could not do so without the services of Checkedandset and Captain Venema.

— Chris, JetBlue

I have spent my career in the corporate side of the aviation industry, I have had the template, flight time resume since graduating college. I knew that the content needed to be updated, and had an idea that the format could also use an update too but did not know the direction to go with it. Strangely enough you are not the first, second, or even third person I have spoked to about my resume. Prior to working with xxxx I spoke to some folks at yyyy as well as another private individual who offers a service similar to yours as well as a LinkedIn service. From the moment I started filling out my airline application I have struggled with the idea on how to set myself apart from the other applicants. I knew/know that I am at a disadvantage not having military or 121 experience but I still feel that I have much to offer, maybe even skills that would be a benefit, I just did not know how to effectively list or communicate that. I now feel that my resume does that very well. Prior to working with you, I was super nervous about my application. I have asked my friend who were recently hired a million questions and probably have revised my application more times than I can count. I am much more confident today that my information is correct and I’m excited to show it off to my friends and family!

— T, Corporate Pilot

I am very pleased with my experience with Checkedandset.net and the services of Captain Venema offers. For over a year I had published an application that had glaring errors that I continuously overlooked. Captain Venema was able to point these out quickly and highlighted several other minor issues. I left our session excited to improve my application and feel much more prepared for the next step.

— B, GoJet

I think it looks fantastic. I would never have done it this way without your input. This is the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

— J, Contract Pilot